Awareness Gallery

An interactive display to showcase the stressors young people face in high school and the positive and negative ways they cope with them. 

Red Ribbon Week

An annual week-long campaign to raise awareness regarding the need for alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention, early intervention, and treatment services. 

Mental Wellness

Friday Night Live chapters plan and implement events and campaigns that promote mental wellness, self-care, and stigma reduction on their campus.

Every Fifteen Minutes

A two-day long event simulating a DUI crash and funeral in which students will experience the very real consequences of driving under the influence. 

Traffic Safety

FNL chapters create campaigns around traffic safety- including distracted & impaired driving- to raise awareness and change norms around vehicle safety.

Positive School Climate

FNL chapters plan and implement activities that encourage their campus to embrace diversity, respect differences, and accept others for who they are.