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 FNL Board of Directors 

Friday Night Live in SLO County is unique in that it has a non-profit Board of Directors that serves to provide support, guidance, and fundraising for local Friday Night Live programs.  The FNL Board was established as a 501c3 in 1991, and consists of parents, professionals, community partners, and youth advocates.


Board members attend quarterly meetings, plan and facilitate fundraising efforts, review and award youth scholarships, and represent Friday Night Live at various community meetings and events. 

If you are interested in attending a board meeting or joining the Board, please contact us at (805) 781-4289


 "FNL inspires youth to be leaders among their peers & provides a necessary platform for discussions on challenging issues facing our youth today. I feel privileged to support their efforts.”

- Friday Night Live Board Member, 2019

By joining the Board, you can help youth in SLO County

  • Create positive changes in their schools & communities

  • Raise awareness of youth issues, such as underage drinking, substance use, bullying, traffic safety, and mental wellness

  • Build positive relationships with peers and supportive adults

  • Have opportunities for leadership & advocacy 

  • Feel safe & connected to their schools & communities

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