Our Team

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Megan Frauenheim
SLO FNL Team Lead & County Coordinator

Passionate about building intentional relationships and empowering youth leaders! I love exploring new places, sharing a good meal with friends, and making the everyday beautiful.


School Sites: Nipomo High School, Arroyo Grande High School, Paulding Middle School, SLO High School, Atascadero High School

Contact: mfrauenheim@co.slo.ca.us

(805) 781-4278


Brandon Covarrubias
FNL Coordinator

Motorcycle enthusiast devoted to singing and empowering youth to make positive change. 

School Sites: Coast Union High School, Shandon High School, Shandon Middle School, Santa Lucia Middle School

Contact: bcovarrubias@co.slo.ca.us

(805) 781-4289


Hannah Sharon

FNL Coordinator

Health and wellness enthusiast, lover of the ocean, water sports, and animals, and dedicated to helping young people know their worth.

School Sites: Templeton Middle School, Templeton High School, Lillian Larson Elementary School, Paso Robles High School

Contact: hsharon@co.slo.ca.us

(805) 781-4289


Jess Ortiz 
FNL Coordinator

 Long term advocate for our youth. I enjoy nature, food, and socializing with family and friends.


School Sites: Nipomo High School, Judkins Middle School, Mesa Middle School, Los Osos Middle School

Contact: jortiz@co.slo.ca.us

(805) 781-4289


Samantha De Leon
FNL Coordinator 


2022 FNL Intern Team! 
Bridget Weir, Jacqueline Vierra, Bryanna Gay

Cal Poly students getting their start in the Behavioral Health field! The intern team partners with coordinators at school sites & organizes campaigns at the college level

School Sites: Arroyo Grande High School, Lillian Larson Elementary School, Templeton Middle School