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Our Team


Megan Frauenheim
SLO FNL Team Lead & County Coordinator

Passionate about building intentional relationships and empowering youth leaders! I love exploring new places, sharing a good meal with friends, and making the everyday beautiful.


School Sites: Arroyo Grande High School, Paulding Middle School, Judkins Middle School


(805) 781-4278


Brandon Covarrubias
FNL Coordinator

Motorcycle enthusiast devoted to singing and empowering youth to make positive change. 

School Sites: Atascadero High School, Atascadero Middle School, SLO High School, Templeton Middle School


(805) 781-4289


Hannah Sharon

FNL Coordinator

Health and wellness enthusiast, lover of the ocean, water sports, and animals, and dedicated to helping young people know their worth.

School Sites: Templeton High School, Paso Robles High School, Lewis Middle School, Flamson Middle School


(805) 781-4289


Bryanna Gay
FNL Coordinator

Advocate for accessible education, health equity, and community wellness!


School Sites: Nipomo High School, Mesa Middle School, Morro Bay High School, Los Osos Middle School, Lillian Larsen Elementary School


(805) 781-4289

Coming Soon!
FNL Coordinator

School Sites: Coast Union High School, Santa Lucia Middle School, Shandon High School, Shandon Middle School, Laguna Middle School

2023-2024 FNL Intern Team! 
Alexa Porter, Gabbi Snow

Cal Poly students getting their start in the Behavioral Health field! The intern team partners with coordinators at school sites & organizes campaigns at the college level

School Sites: TBD

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