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Parents play a major role in their child's choices about alcohol, vaping, and other drugs. We can reduce youth access to alcohol by having honest conversations and setting clear expectations about the use of alcohol.

Parent Tips

Have conversations early and often.

  • Make it a discussion, not an argument.

  • Use open-ended questions & ask in a non-threatening way:

    • "Do you know kids who drink? How has it affected them?"

Explain the risks of alcohol.

  • Go beyond, "underage drinking is bad!"

  • Discuss how alcohol impairs movement, decision making, memory and negatively affects their brain.

  • Visit for more!

Be an open support system.

  • Invite your child to come to you with questions, and try not to shut them out, no matter how sticky the subject.

  • It is okay to not have all of the answers!

Help them say "no."

  • Help them come up with responses they can keep in their back pocket

  • Practice short, direct replies: "no thanks, that's not my thing."

Lead by example.

  • Always drink responsibly and designate safe rides home.

  • Have conversations about your responsible drinking choices in front of them.

Learn with them.

  • Use the data on the back to start conversations about alcohol use

  • Consult doctors/educators and visit sites like

SLO County California Healthy Kids Survey Results 2021-2022

Only 51% of 9th graders and 49% of 11th graders in SLO County report having had a conversation with a parent/guardian about the effects of drinking alcohol in the past year. The more often we have these conversations with our youth, the more confident they feel about making a healthy and safe decision!

Sources for Obtaining Alcohol

Reasons for Drinking Alcohol

Take the Pledge!



By taking this pledge, you are identifying yourself as a supporter of the Parent Committed Campaign. Take the steps below to commit to freeing our youth and community from the problems caused by underage drinking!

  • Do not purchase/provide alcoholic beverages to minors.

  • Do not serve alcohol to minors in your home.

  • Do not allow underage drinking in your home.

  • Support other parents and retailers that join the Committed Campaign.

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