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Future Forward is a youth-led marijuana prevention campaign for youth and parents. The campaign is designed to provide updated information on the law, the drug itself, and the effects of marijuana on youth. The goal of the Future Forward campaign is to educate the San Luis Obispo County community and empower youth to make healthy decisions for their future.


Tips for Students:

Did you know?

  • 1 in 6 teens that use marijuana can become addicted

  • If you are not 21 years or older, the purchase and recreational use of marijuana is illegal

  • Teens who use marijuana are less likely to graduate from high school

  • Regular marijuana use can cause long-term damage to a teen's developing brain

  • Teens that don't use marijuana are healthier and more successful

Tips for Parents 

Know where to start.

  • Know the facts. Understand that marijuana negatively affects the developing teenage brain

  • Talk often-build strong trust

  • Have shorter, more frequent conversations

  • As they become teens, the conversation needs to change

  • Listen! Conversations go both ways

  • Remember, kids watch what you do along with what you say


Marijuana and CA Law

A Quick Guide

Youth and Marijuana

A Quick Guide

What can you do? 

Find out about coalition meetings, happenings, and new alcohol and marijuana information via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Join us in our work to further regulate and limit youth access to alcohol and marijuana.

If you have young people in your life, engage them in conversations. Parents who talk with their kids about not using marijuana have teens who are less likely to use marijuana


California Department of Public Health

California Department of Public Health


Marijuana Fact Check


Natural High


Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment


CDC: Marijuana and Public Health


County of SLO Behavioral Health Department

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