Orientation Program Staff posing with the Friday Night Live table at the 2015 Mustang Mile

Cal Poly Friday Night Live

In 2009 Cal Poly became the first university in the country to have a Friday Night Live chapter. Our goal is to help Cal Poly students become more aware about the issues that concern drugs and alcohol amongst the campus and community.  Our hope is that we can inform students about the negative consequences associated with drugs and alcohol, and encourage them to live a positive, healthy, and responsible lifestyle.

Get Involved!

Cal Poly Friday Night Live meets on campus weekly to discuss and plan events, campaigns, and activities that help raise awareness and reduce the issues concerning drug and alcohol use amongst the Cal Poly community.  If you have any questions regarding FNL meetings and/or would like to receive updates about the club’s progress via email, please email us at calpolyfnl@gmail.com.


Awareness Campaigns

Cal Poly FNL members plan a variety of awareness campaigns and activities to encourage others to learn the facts about substance use so they can be empowered to make informed choices.  FNL partners with other groups on campus and in the communtiy such as PULSE, Aware Awake Alive, Housing, ASI, New Student Programs, SAFER, Greek Life, and others to strengthen our message and engage a wide variety of students.  Some past Awareness Campaigns have included:


  • Annual Awareness Week

  • Mustang Mile - Awareness Messaging

  • #RUOK DUI prevention with SLO bars and restaurants

  • Extravaganzas & Outreach in Residence Halls

  • Wellness Fairs

  • Risk Management Presentations for clubs and organizations

  • Change the Status Quo Workshops

Define Yourself

College is a fresh start; it is the place where we can begin to discover who we are without the constraints and confines of home. This can be a very thrilling and scary experience. However, in an effort to fit into our new social scene and make the most out of the “college experience,” many students resort to partying and binge drinking. Unfortunately, this can result in consequences far greater than many students intended or expected.


The Define Yourself campaign invites you to take a moment and reflect on the lifestyle choices you make every day.  Are you choosing to live a healthy life or are you making choices that hold you back from being your best self?  We encourage you to take pride in the positive, healthy, and enriching choices and activities that define who you are.  Help break down the stigma that college students are defined as partiers and share about the positive choices you make that define yourself!



Get Informed!

Laws & Regulations:

Cal Poly & the City of SLO are working together to keep students and the community safe, and encourage all residents to particiapte in being mutually respectful of the many lifestyles that exist in SLO.  Keep yourself up to date on the latest local ordinances affecting late night noise and partying by visiting RespectSLO


Going out?  Tips for keeping it safe!

If you're planning on going out to a party, keep these tips in mind:

  • You don't have to drink alcohol when at a party, let alone try to keep up with those around you. Also, remember that if you aren't 21, it's illegal to consume alcohol, and you may face legal consequences if you're caught drinking underage!

  • Arrange for a safe ride home – come with a designated driver, get SLO Saferide, Uber, or a cab, or call a friend/family member. Either way, make sure you or your friends don't drink and drive.

  • Watch out for your friends; if they start acting abnormal, keep a close eye on them. If they start vomiting or pass out, dont leave them alone—they may have alcohol poisoning and need emergency medical attention. Don't be afraid to call 911 if you feel someone has alcohol poisoning; CA has a medical amnesty law that protects anyone who seeks medical help for an overdose of drugs or alcohol!

  • When going out, make sure you have at least one person with you whom you know you can trust (preferably more than one person). It's important to stay with the group and to discourage others about leaving with a stranger or an acquaintance. The buddy system is a good way to prevent sexual violence, theft, drunk driving, and other risky behaviors.

  • Keep an eye on your drink. There are a number of drugs that have sedative effects, and when these drugs are slipped into an unsuspecting person's drink, that person can become the victim of sexual assault. In crowded parties or bars, it's a good idea to drink from a bottled container rather than a cup, as it's easier to place your finger over the top.

  • Know your limit and keep track of how much alcohol is in your drink!  The human body can metabolize 1 standard drink of alcohol per hour, so alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks so you don't consume too much too soon.

  • Eat before you drink; eating high-protein foods like cheeses and meats will slow down the absorption rate of alcohol (but it won't prevent it, nor will eating help you sober up faster)

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning:

  • Does not respond or wake up to being shouted at or shaken

  • Slow breathing (less than 6 breaths per minute)

  • Cool, purplish, or flushed skin; Bluish lips or nail beds

  • Irregular or slow pulse (less than 40 beats per minute)

  • Projectile vomiting-Vomits while passed out and wont wake up after vomiting

  • Visit our friends at Aware Awake Alive for more info on preventing alcohol poisoning!

Friday Night Live creates partnerships for postive and healthy youth development, which engage youth as active leaders and resources in their communities.

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