24-Hour Relay Challenge

What is Relay?

The 24 Hour Relay Challenge has been an outstanding tradition, raising thousands of dollars to prevent substance abuse and promote wellness and healthy lifestyles amongst youth and families throughout San Luis Obispo. For 24 hours, teams of 10 run or walk one mile at a time. Relay participants, youth and adult, are expected to represent the positive influences and leadership needed to create a fun, healthy, and drug-free community. It is a community event that brings together people of all ages and abilities to participate in a unique and memorable experience. While the teams are circling the track, a giant community camp-out takes place with continuous entertainment, food, and camping - participants have a chance to meet others who believe in a healthy lifestyle. Without a doubt, it is 24 hours of memorable fun for everyone involved!


Can't commit to the entire weekend?  Need community service hours? Are you a parent or community member who likes to hang out with 650 high school students?


Be a volunteer!  The 24-Hour Relay needs volunteers throughout the entire 24 hour period to help with food, track monitoring, safety and more. 


Shifts are 4 hours, and volunteers can sign up for as little as 1 and as many as 6!  Please click the VOLUNTEER button to sign up as a volunteer.

Important Dates:

May 9 - May 10, 2017

Registration Packets Due

Lunchtime ONLY @ Mr. Johnson’s Rm. 100


May 11, 2017

Final Teams Posted at SLOHS and at www.slofnl.com


May 18, 2017

Captain/Coordinator Meeting,


 6:00pm, Holt field


May 26, 2017

Friday Load-in from

5:00 – 7:00pm


May 27-28, 2017

24 Hour Relay Challenge!

Team List

52 - 3005

17 - 70's Chicks

59 - All Grown Up

39 - All That and a Bag of Chips

37 -  AP Track

3 - Baewatch

22 - Blast from the past

44 - Central Perk

33 - Chariots of Fire

12 - Colors Is Has Been Around Since 1950s

40 - Dave's Disciples

5 - Dead DreamXPress

24 -  Destiny's Children

25 - Disco Dads

1 - Estos Huevos

9 - Flappers

53  - Fresh Team of Bel-Air

8 - Full Send

28  -  Generation Snowflake

14 - Grace's Diner

15 - Groovy Kids

41 -  Jessie's Girls

3 - Lucky Charms

2 - Nads

27 - New Kids On The Block

18 - Not Fast Just Furious

16 - Pink Ladies + Miguel

48 - Power Rangers

51 - Red Scare

29 - Relay Tired

13 - Roaring Tigers

38 - Rosie the Relayers

61 - Rugrats

36 - Run like the Winded!!!

50 - SLOHS Boogie Wonderland

21 - Spice Girls

47 - Team Tucker

42 - That 70s Team

10 - The 80s Ladies

34 - The Cold Rawr

46 - The Dream Team

20 - The Grand Ol' Team

49 - The Hype Crew

60 - The Jennifer Lawrence fan club- and Branden

55 - The Mod Squad

45 - The One With The Relay

30 - The Pink Ladies

31 - The Plastics

6 - The Real Breakfast Club

35 - The Riviters

19 - The Roaring 20s

54 - The Rugrats

11 - The Runaways

23 - The Runs

4 - The Space Race

43 - The Suite Life of Relay

26 - The Switchblade Crew

7 - The Trimester System feat. Measure D

56 - Tie or Dye

57 - Vigorous Jazz Hands


For an adult or student team, download the registration packet below, and gather 9 others to fill up your team!  There are slots for only 65 teams, and it is common for all 65 slots to be filled!


The registration fee for a team (consisting of 10 students and 2 parent coordinators) is $600. In order to register as a team, submit the registration fee in advance, along with the team registration forms. All contributions are tax deductible. Don't worry, you can get sponsors to help you with the cost of your team's contribution.  Talk to family members, relatives, friends, co-workers, or businesses to see if they will help sponsor you or your team. For example, each student on a student team would only have to get twelve people to contribute $5 each to equal $60 per student.


What about food?  During the Relay, healthy foods, refreshing water, and other drinks will be available for team members and volunteers, for the entire 24 hours, free of charge.  There will be no lunch provided on Saturday, so don't forget to bring a lunch of your own.  All Relay particpants will receive complimentary snacks throughout the event, a healthy dinner Saturday evening, and a pancake breakfast on Sunday morning.


Where will we sleep?  Sleep? You won't want to, you'll be so excited. But just in case, San Luis Obispo High School's Holt Field will be transformed into a giant campground, with all the creature comforts of home such as bathrooms, showers, and even a massage area - not to mention superb entertainment free to all participants! The area will be safe, secure, and staffed with medical and security personnel during the event.

Friday Night Live creates partnerships for postive and healthy youth development, which engage youth as active leaders and resources in their communities.

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